Easter message 2010

Frido Pflüger SJ
Former JRS Eastern Africa Regional Director
Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dear friends,

The first quarter of this new year has passed and in spite of the financial difficulties connected to the global crisis we were able to achieve a lot. When I visit the projects I am proud of our staff: the good spirit, the dedication, the compassion in working with the refugees and displaced. Thank you very much!

In our work and encounters with the people we accompany, we experience a lot of suffering, unjust suffering. One of the questions that move us most is „Why? “ And most of the time we do not understand. It is true, we don’t understand the suffering. Why did two JRS staff members had to die in a car accident in Central African Republic? We have no answer, but we pray for their souls and for their families with deep affection and with love and we are convinced that our prayers are not useless. Recently, I visited a refugee family in Kayole, Nairobi. The husband died the following day, after he had been admitted to hospital. Why? Each one of us has so many reasons to ask „why?“.

Regarding Good Friday: Why did Jesus have to die? But there is a great consolation in not-understanding: in his suffering Jesus was like one of us, suffering even unto death. There are witnesses for his death, and there are also witnesses for what happened to him after his death: resurrection. This is something else we don’t really understand. But his resurrection gives us hope for our own lives. Hope that there is more than death, hope for eternal peace, justice and dignity, hope for unending love. And again, we realise: we don’t understand love either.

Dear friends, I wish you a blessed celebration of the Easter mysteries of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish you that you can grow in love; HE has shown us the way. The more we surrender ourselves to him, the more resurrection will happen now, in our lives, in our communities, in our countries. Let’s make resurrection happen now in the countries where we work and wherever people are still suffering of war, violence and poverty.

Frido Pflueger SJ

JRS Eastern Africa Director