Easter blessing and reflection letter 2012

Deogratias M. Rwezaura SJ
Former Regional Director, Eastern Africa
Friday, March 30, 2012

At our morning Eucharistic celebration on Friday 30 March 2012, the main celebrant, Fr. Martin Connell SJ, gave a short inspirational reflection on the gospel in close to these words: "They (Jesus' adversaries) wanted to arrest the divine embodiment of love but it eluded them; we want to capture the divine embodiment of love but it eludes us. Thank God, God's love eludes us.”

I believe God's love eludes us so that it can remain unbound and unconditional. In this way, it impels us to go beyond prescribed or limited notions of love. For JRS, God's love is everything. It motivates JRS members to indiscriminately walk and work with the forcibly displaced during their flight, their passion, their moments of trial, stress and depression, their encampment, their uncertainty, hunger, illiteracy, and homelessness – to their moments of joy, their return home in dignity and safety, their hope for a brighter future through education and life skills training, their resettlement, and the emotional journey required to restore heart and mind and reconcile communities. What can best explain the journey from the Passion Week to Easter celebrations for JRS than this?

As we celebrate the Risen Lord, may we allow ourselves to be charged by his love in all that we do – aware that at times his love eludes us.  Happy Easter to all.