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JRS programmes, found in 51 countries worldwide, provide assistance to more than 500,000 individuals. This service provision is overseen by 10 regional offices with support from the International Office in Rome. For the contact details of each regional office, click on the map and see the details below.

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Press Contact Cedric Prakash SJ
Phone +961-1-332-601
Email middleeast.communications@jrs.net
Website http://www.jrsmena.org
Description In the Middle East, JRS began its work in 2008 in response to the huge number of Iraqi refugees fleeing the conflict in their country. Encouraged by the Jesuit Superior General, Adolfo Nicolás SJ, JRS went to Syria and Jordan in 2008. The following year saw expansion to Turkey, both a destination and major crossroads for refugees hoping to reach Europe or awaiting resettlement. Following the violent events in Syria from 2011 onwards, JRS has provided emergency relief to Syrians inside Syria.

Currently, JRS in the Middle East is serving refugees and internally displaced persons in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria; offering a range of services, from child and adult education to accompaniment and psycho-social support, from emergency assistance to advocacy for refugee rights. JRS serves people in need without distinction; Iraqis, Somalis, Sudanese, Syrians and others from different cultures and religions throughout the region have grown to trust JRS. The organisation in the Middle East region has gained the reputation of offering quality services and spreading a family spirit amongst the people served. The people attending the activities feel protected and welcomed.

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