27 February 2017

Two girls study outside JRS Refugee Community Centre in Addis Ababa Ethiopia/Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 26/4/2016(Angela Wells, JRSEA)

Ethiopia, 27 February 2017 –  POEM


I am REFUGEE, captive and prisoner to wars and destruction of the world.

They say there’s a time for everything

A time to be born and die

A time to kill and spare

A time to weep and laugh

A   time to tear down and mend

A time to love and hate

A time for war and peace

When is our time, how long will it take?

I asked my fellow refugees…. Nobody answers my question

They all broke into deep anguished silence

In their silence lie deep scars and wounds of their families

In their eyes lie tears of sorrow and cries of terror

And in their memories lies the sounds and banging’s of guns and bombs

Our times are times of killings and death

Times of weeping and mourning

Times of hate and war

We’ve been through hard times

We’ve lost the elements of life, Hope, Faith and Love.

We’re forced to flee, walk thousands of miles

Travel through the mountains, deserts, forests and seas

The cold shivering weathers and the burning hot sunny days

Many were unlucky to make it, children died from starvation and thirst

The new land diverse from our homeland, the people were different too

We were aliens to the new environment

Discriminated and desolated by our color, religion and culture

They spit on us and kicked us out of their lands

Our ordinary names were no longer used

We were all given a typical name, we were called ‘’REFUGEES’’

One with no place to stay, wanderer of the world

Seeking asylum and a place to be

Every Day, Month and Year was a struggle for food, shelter and safety.

A few good people let us settle in their lands

Gave us shelter and safety

With these, we had little hope and faith for peace again

Though I black it out, I miss and remember my motherland

I wish to return but the terrors and horrors of my past scares me off

I feel SORRY for the next generation, I pity them

Having imagined the pain and sufferings they will have to through

I despised myself and cursed my name ‘’REFUGEE’’

I wish to change all these, but too late for that

Everyone now knows my whereabouts, it’s my identity

My life is tangled and tied to life’s misfortunes and setbacks

Destined to feel the depth of pain and misery

I am a REFUGEE, captive and prisoner to wars and destructions of the world.




                                                                 Poem written by a South Sudanese refugee student in Ethiopia

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