Forcibly displaced Colombian woman, beneficiary of JRS, Cucuta, Colombia (Peter Balleis SJ/JRS)
Rome, 19 June 2012 – Bringing refugees out of obscurity, that is the message of the Jesuit Refugee Service for World Refugee Day this year.

Our message is simple; encourage hospitality and cooperation. Hospitality is a door that opens the way to other possibilities, such as access to rights and services. Refugees have human resources, skills and energy. It's important to let them do something for their new communities. Governments would do well to follow these examples of solidarity, rather than seek short-term solutions, creating further problems for the future", said JRS International Director, Peter Balleis.

In this five minute video, four regional directors from JRS explain the importance of hospitality for refugees. In contrast to the often hostile approaches by governments to migration and asylum, people across the world individually and collectively respond to the needs of refugees, and refugees to the needs of host communities.

James Stapleton, International Communications Coordinator, Jesuit Refugee Service

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