Front cover image of JRS newsletter issue 49 - focus on 'Peace and Reconciliation in Kitgum'.

Nairobi, 31 August – Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Eastern Africa has commemorated the work of the JRS project in Kitgum District, northern Uganda with the publication of a newsletter (Issue 49), 'Peace building and reconciliation in Kitgum'. The project spanned six years and ended in March 2012.

JRS set up the Kitgum project at a time of great change in Ugandan history. Just emerging from a horrendous 20-year war, the majority of the population of Kitgum had been displaced into camps. Now able to return, JRS chose to accompany the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Kitgum at this crossroad in their lives as they travelled home and started to re-settle.

JRS support in the areas of education and psychosocial work, including a focus on youth and community empowerment, was a great milestone. The JRS programme helped improve economic capacity, strengthened coping skills, and encouraged peace building and conflict management as core to the stabilising of the communities. JRS took the approach of emphasising the resilience and strength of the Kitgum population in their programmes, focusing on doing with the people rather than doing for, motivating them to become self-reliant once again.

The recently-published newsletter includes articles on 'Peace building as empowerment for sustainable development, 'Youth work, 'Education for peace, 'Recovering from trauma, and 'Helping the most vulnerable. Interspersed with the articles are powerful testimonies from former IDPs who have returned to their communities and successfully reintegrated. Click here to read the newsletter.
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