Providing Education, Investing in Peace

Sailor in Motion: Mebrahtu's Tale

Artists in Motion: Art for Change

Cyclist in Motion: Filmon's tale

Businesswoman in Motion: Jeanette's tale

Tailor in Motion: Rebecca's tale

Dancer in Motion: Luwam's tale

Rapper in Motion: Alino's tale

Art Teacher in Motion: Mebrahtu's tale

Carpenter in Motion: Musa's tale

Emmylou Harris shines a light on refugee crisis

World Refugee Day 2016: Open Minds, Unlock Potential

South Sudan: education opens minds

South Sudan: JRS trains teachers in Maban

South Sudan: education will change everything

South Sudan: Thirst to learn

South Sudan: every day we are here

Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins Valedictorian Speech

Pontifex Hear Us

South Sudan: learning in emergencies

South Sudan: investing in peace

Kenya: Pierre’s journey to self-reliance

Kenya: journey to self-reliance

Education is hope for refugees

Ethiopia: recreational Activities Provide Hope for Young Refugees

South Sudan: education is protection

Counselling services help refugees in Kakuma begin to heal

Serving refugees from Somalia in Ethiopia

Higher education at the margins: Mary McFarland at TEDxGeorgetown

Higher education empowers women in Kakuma camp

JC:HEM Graduation: Kakuma 2013

A learning experience at Kakuma refugee camp

Jesuit higher education program at Kakuma refugee camp

An Overview of the Work of JRS in Eastern Africa

Kindling hope through learning: Higher Education for refugees

JRS South Sudan video

Jesuit Refugee Service and urban refugees

Kenya: Bringing higher education to refugees

International: bringing higher education to refugees

JRS focus on urban refugees

JRS services for urban refugees

Cluster bombs

JRS urges nations to ban landmines

Jesuit Refugee Service and accompaniment

Refugee protection and solutions in urban areas

Jesuit Refugee Service - Eastern Africa

The Legacy of Pedro Arrupe

Reconciliation and Peace

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