Southern Sudan: Empowering education officials in Yei
27 August 2010

To enhance the quality of education in Yei, JRS conducts training workshops for teachers in primary and secondary schools (Angelika Mendes/JRS)
“Most schools in the county still operate under dilapidated structures, lack teaching and learning resources and most of their teaching staff is untrained.”

Yei, 27 July 2010 — JRS trained 23 head teachers to help them understand, monitor and improve the quality of education in their schools in Yei River county, Southern Sudan. 

Participants were trained in supervision skills, project planning and management and taught how to set up a school development programme which includes writing project proposals.

"Most schools in the county still operate under dilapidated structures, lack teaching and learning resources and most of their teaching staff is untrained," says Mangbi Joseph, JRS project director in Yei and one of the three facilitators. "Talking about quality education in such circumstances becomes a myth," he adds. As JRS plans to pull out of Southern Sudan, it becomes ever more important to concentrate on issues like school sustainability and strategic direction. This was strongly reflected in the workshop.

"We discovered that understanding the concept of quality education in a global context is still a problem in most schools in Southern Sudan because they have no monitoring tools and cannot measure their output over a certain period of time," says Mr Joseph.

At the end of the workshop, participants were grateful for having acquired new knowledge. "I express my sincere appreciation to the management of JRS. I greatly benefited from the workshop. Hopefully the skills I acquired will enable me to administer the school in a better way," said Rita Harriet Brown, head teacher at Yei Girls Secondary School and one of the five female participants.

"As head teachers, we are the focal persons and implementers of the government’s education policy and have the potential to improve the quality of our schools," she added. "The skills we acquired from the workshop have equipped us to develop project proposals for fundraising from charitable organisations and individuals to improve the standard of our schools. The workshop also helped us improve classroom teaching supervision and to assist our untrained teachers to improve their teaching skills," said Ms Brown.

"May JRS continue to improve the skills of school managers and make quality education a reality so that we can produce capable leaders for the future," said Ms Brown. 

The overall  aims of JRS doing such workshops is to improve the range and quality of professional development opportunities for teachers, school managers and education officials in Yei River County, leading to a more competent and qualified workforce.

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