Photo Exhibition about the work of JRS around the world
28 July 2017

Photo exhibits on the work of JRS at the Catholic University of Uruguay (Nicolás Dorronsoro, Catholic University of Uruguay)

On 28th June, the central building of the Catholic University of Uruguay welcomed the opening ceremony of the photo exhibit “Accompany, Defend and Serve: an approach to the work of Jesuit Refugee Service”. The exhibit, which consisted of 36 photographs and 4 large-scale graphics, collected images from the fieldwork of JRS in the five continents.

The pictures were sent by the International Office of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Rome, and by Fr. Pau Vidal, S.J., member of the Jesuit Refugee Service team in South Sudan, a country that is currently undergoing a bloody war.

“The exhibit reflects the daily work of JRS in more than fifty countries”, pointed out Nicolás Dorronsoro, member of the Student Affairs area in this university, who formerly worked with JRS in the Great Lakes and in Liberia. “We have focused on two conflicts: South Sudan, a new conflict of large proportions, which is being forgotten by the mass media; and the crisis in Syria, which is currently the world’s major conflict”.

The opening ceremony of the exhibit was carried out by Mr. Don Alberto Gianotti, a member of the SEDHU (Ecumenical Service for Human Dignity), a delegated agency in Uruguay representing the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR).

The Catholic University of Uruguay was initially founded in 1882 by the first Archbishop of Montevideo, Mons. Mariano Soler, then reopened and entrusted to the Society of Jesus in 1985, and is now the main higher education institution of the Catholic Church in Uruguay.

More details on the exhibition can be found here

By Nicolás Dorronsoro, Catholic University of Uruguay

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